The “Cycle of Change” program is over now. I haven’t shared my journey, because I didn’t find the time. Writing in English takes more time than writing in Estonian would. Also my sleeping is better now, so I wake up later and don’t have so much free time in the morning. But better late than never, so I will write a summary about every week. 

The 3rd week was about routine. I didn’t answer the week’s questions in the workbook because they felt too difficult and I didn’t find the time. I thought I would answer those later, but I haven’t yet. The week’s task was to change our routine. It was hard for me, because I really don’t have a routine. Mentor said that maybe not having a routine is my routine. I still managed to do my task, I decided not to go for an early morning walk with my dog every day. My friend’s aunt had a vacation and our dog stayed with her this week, so I didn’t need to go for a walk with her. I used this time to do other things – reading blogs and a book, writing my own blog, cleaning, making breakfast. I did some other changes too. I made a list of things I want or have to do, so I wouldn’t forget to do them. There were: reading some good blogs, reading books, cleaning, better eating habits, writing my own blog. I wanted to mark how often I did these things, I forgot to do that, but at least I managed to do these activities. I managed to control my social media usage more. I made some rules for myself, for example I won’t write my blog or read other blogs when I am with my kid. I can’t really focus then and it made my mood bad when the kid disturbed me. One of the reasons I started this program was that I wanted to be a better mom, so I am trying to do my stuff when I am alone. 

The 4th week was about discipline. My first impression when I read that word was negative, because I was sure that I don’t have discipline at all. When I thought more, then I understood that I don’t have discipline for things I do alone – when I try to control my eating habits, do exercises and other things like that. But I had to have some discipline, because at school I usually did all my assignments in time. At work I also have good self-discipline, I always try to give my best. This week went by so quickly. My kid has speech problems and because of summer vacations he had to get intense speech therapy, so I had to go to a speech therapist with him several times a week. It took time, so I really didn’t have time for other things, for example writing my blog. But this was also an activity which was good for my mental health, because kid’s speech problems have been really stressful for me and now there is hope for things to get better. This week I also started a happiness challenge. I had to watch a video every day and do a task. I managed to watch videos, but didn’t do all the tasks right away. Overall this week was good. I managed to control my social media usage and started to use the NOTION app. It is a very good app for time-planning, to-do lists and other things. There were also some negative things, but I got over them quickly and I won’t even share those, because when you focus on the good things, then good begans to grow and there will be less negativity in your life. 

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