It is time for the next story about the adventures of the little sheep Baa. 

Baa was very anxious. Older sheep said that soon some of the younger sheep will be sent away. They said that usually they would go to new herds, but sometimes sheep disappear. They are taken away and never heard from again. It mostly happens to male sheep, but not always, sometimes females disappear too. Baa hoped that this was just a story that older sheep tell to scare the kids, she was sure it wasn’t going to happen. 

After a few days the owner came and started marking sheep with red paint. Her mother said that those who got marked, will be sent away. Baa hoped that she wouldn’t be marked, she wanted to stay with her herd. Her wish didn’t come true, she got marked as well. The next day a big truck came and the owner started loading marked sheep there. Baa was very upset, she was afraid that she would disappear. She yelled loudly: I don’t want to disappear. Other sheep answered: Let’s hope it doesn’t happen. 

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