It is time for a new story challenge chapter (LINK). Baa’s adventures will continue.

Little sheep Baa was so excited. She heard that next week they are going to the new pasture, which is 12 miles away. She hadn’t been there, but older sheep told that there are some plants which taste very good. She thought that they would go by car, because 12 miles is a long way to walk, but other sheep told that last time they went on foot. Baa got a little anxious, because she thought she wouldn’t make it so far, so in her free time she started walking along the edge of a pasture. She walked more each day and it gave her confidence. 

Finally the day arrived, when they left for the new pasture. The owner came on a horse early in the morning and he had four dogs with him. The dogs were for guiding sheep, so they wouldn’t get lost on the way. The weather was nice. It was sunny, but there was a little wind so it wasn’t too hot. 

Dogs gathered all the sheep together and they started going. It was so exciting for Baa to walk along an unknown path. She would’ve liked to explore the surroundings more, but she had to keep up the pace with the flock. Luckily they made a lot of stops for resting, where Baa could eat new tasty plants. She met with a group of ants who wanted to travel. Baa agreed to let them climb onto her, so they could come with her. It was fun to travel with new friends, they told her so many interesting stories. 

They had gotten through most of the journey when there was a little river in the way. Older sheep told Baa that swimming is easy, so Baa wasn’t afraid at all. She managed to get over it without trouble. Ants went on her nose, so they wouldn’t drown. After a few hours they reached their destination. It was almost nighttime, so Baa had to go to bed. She found a big anthill in the bushes, these were friendly ants and welcomed Baa’s friends to join them. Baa went to bed and fell asleep right away. 


  1. kaamos says:

    Mõnus lastejutt, samas pole jutustusviisi väga lapsikuks latud vajuda. Lahe!

  2. Courtney says:

    Loved entering into this story with you.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks! 🙂

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