I was 7 years old when this happened. I was waiting for a school bus with my siblings. I felt something weird in my pants, like a tickle. I thought there was a loose thread. On the bus it was more weird, like something was moving around. I thought that I had a spider in my pants. Luckily I wasn’t afraid of spiders and I waited till we arrived at school. I went to the toilet to check my pants and when I pulled them down, a mouse jumped out. In the morning the cat brought one home, but she let it loose on my bed. We tried to find it, but it was nowhere to be found. My clothes were on the bed too, but we didn’t check them. When I told the teacher about the mouse, she was terrified, because she was afraid of mice. She asked me to put a trap for it, but I don’t remember if it was caught. 

Ten years ago I worked as a fireworks seller with my best friend. We hated red coins – our currency is euro and lowest-value coins are red – 0.01€, 0.02€, 0.05€. It took time to count and it wasn’t easy to get rid of them – our boss said that we should try to give those away as a change, but most people didn’t pay in cash and those who did, usually had even money. Once a customer bought some things and used only red coins. There were so many of them. I was frustrated and sent a message to my best friend – “I just got an assload of red coins.” After a few minutes my boss called and asked – “What coins did you get?” I didn’t understand at first, but he said that I just sent him a message. I was so embarrassed – I said that I wanted to send it to my friend and ended the call. I was so afraid of seeing him, he sometimes came by to bring more goods or collect money. Luckily he had a sense of humor and he didn’t think badly of me. He said that sometimes sellers get packages of red coins with goods if they don’t have enough change. I think if I had wanted to send a message to him, then I wouldn’t have used the word “assload”. 

It happened about 7 years ago. I ordered sushi for myself. I was told that it takes one hour to arrive, so I had enough time to take a shower. When I got out then my friend called. I talked to her and time flew. In the middle of the phone call the food courier called and said that he was waiting outside my apartment building. I was still wearing a bathrobe. I thought that it takes too much time to change and it would be just for a minute. I took my money, put slippers on and went out. When I wanted to pay him, he said that he doesn’t have enough change. He asked me to drive with him to the store, so he could exchange money. He said I just have to sit in the car, I don’t have to come out. I sat in his car, he exchanged money and brought me back home, I got my sushi and my change. When I told my partner about it, I said that luckily neighbours didn’t see me, when I went for a drive with the courier. He said that it would have been worse if they saw that I came home only with my bathrobe and slippers on. 

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