My doctor prescribed me antidepressants and at first they might make symptoms worse, so my depression came back. Now I feel better, but I don’t feel stable. I think now I have mania or hypomania. I can’t concentrate, I forget stuff all the time, I can’t sleep. 

I failed the 30-day blogging challenge. It became hard to write due to depression and it took so much time. I was so stressed and started to hate writing, so I decided to stop. 

Life is a little bit messy at the moment, because a lot of new things started at once. My kid has therapy twice a week, my partner has school two evenings a week and me and my partner participate in a parenting course once a week. It is hard for me to get used to new routines. This Thursday I had a totally free day, it helped me a lot. 

I love my dishwasher and tumble dryer. I think these things help me get out of a depressive episode. When I am depressed, I don’t do dishes or laundry. It took so much time to deal with these things afterwards, now it is a lot easier. 

I started reading a book: How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids by Jancee Dunn. It is such a good book and I hope it helps me to be a better partner and mom. 

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