I found another blogging challenge (LINK). Once a month there will be a headline and I have to write a short story about that. The first headline was: ARRIVING THE NEXT DAY. 

There was a little sheep called Baa, who lived in a big herd. She always wanted to be the first to arrive at a new pasture, because she thought that the grass tasted better if other sheep hadn’t walked through it yet. She was so anxious, because the sheep didn’t know when they would go to the new pasture, no one told them in advance. There was no routine, it could happen at any day, at any time. Sometimes it happened early in the morning, sometimes even at night. She was afraid that the sheepherder would come and drive them to the new pasture when she was asleep and maybe other sheep are quicker and she can’t be the first one, so she didn’t sleep much. 

Other sheep told her that grass will taste the same, there is no difference. She didn’t believe them and became very burnt out due to sleep deprivation. One day she woke up and was alone. Other sheep were gone. She thought that she only slept for one hour but actually she slept all day and night. She slept separately from the herd because she didn’t want to disturb others when she woke up. That’s why the sheepherder didn’t notice her when he drove sheep to the new pasture. Baa started searching for others. She found them and jumped over the fence to get to the new pasture. She started eating and the grass tasted the same as always. 

I have been like that sheep. It is called FOMO, it stands for fear of missing out. It describes that anxious feeling that can arise when you feel there is a more exciting prospect that is happening elsewhere and you’re not there. I have learnt that actually nothing will happen when you arrive the next day or won’t go at all. 


  1. Kaamos says:

    Kui hea näitega sa FOMO lahti seletasid!
    “Selleks, et saatanat võita on kõigepealt vaja teada ta nime”

  2. Raisakull says:

    Kuna ma inglise keelt ei oska, siis võtsin vabaduse lehitseja tõlkimise abil endale arusaadavaks teha. Ja ma usun, et sain “point”ile pihta: ennem ei tajuta oma kodu erilisust, kui ollakse mõnda aega võõrsil.

    1. admin says:

      FOMO on otsetõlkes “hirm ilmajäämise ees”. Point on selles, et ei pea igale poole minema hirmust, et kui jääb käimata, siis äkki jääb millestki ilma.

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