My doctor said to me that I shouldn’t stress about a messy home and I shouldn’t argue about it with my partner – if I’m not able to tidy up and he doesn’t want to do it also, then let it be. If no one breaks a leg, then it is ok. That there are other things that are more important – relaxing, good relationship with my partner, being with my child. 

Today I wanted to cook lunch. I usually cook in the morning, when everyone is asleep. Sink was full of dirty dishes – I have told my partner not to put them there, because then it is impossible to wash them. If I want to wash an oily pan, then everything else will become oily and a lot of other reasons – I’d like him to put those next to the sink or just leave them on the table. 

My food was on the pan, but I needed a lid for the pan. I thought that I could wash it without taking other dishes out. I started washing it and then water splashed everywhere – on the stove, on the floor, I was wet as well. I dried the stove and I didn’t have time to dry the floor, because I needed to deal with my food, so it wouldn’t burn. I just put slippers on. 

I forgot about the wet floor, because I had slippers on. I slipped but I managed to hold my balance, I didn’t fall down, I didn’t break a leg. I got so mad, because I have told my partner for years that I hate when dishes are in the sink. But I just have to let it be, because I didn’t break a leg, I think almost breaking it doesn’t count.                                     

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