My post is about people in general, I couldn’t do it about how men can win my heart because they can’t. 

  • Be honest – If you have something to say then say it, not talk about it behind my back. Don’t talk about other people behind their backs, as well, because if you do, then you probably talk about me to others.
  • Stop complaining – I don’t mean talking about problems but always complaining about how bad everything is and not doing anything to make things better. Those kinds of people suck all the energy out of me.
  • Ask for help – helping others makes me happy. Maybe it’s because I often need advice or help from others and it is nice to give something back. 
  • Be nonjudgmental – I don’t like people who comment negatively about someone’s appearance or how they live their life. Everyone has the right to live their life as they wish or dress as they like. 
  • Be kind towards others.

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