One blogger shared a 30-day blogging challenge, I decided to try it. The first topic is to make a list of 10 things which make me really happy, so here it comes: 

  • When my kid learns to do something new and interesting or says something funny or is really happy about something 
  • When my cats come and sleep on me
  • When I find my favourite food in grocery store
  • When my work-day goes really well
  • When I can help someone 
  • When my home is tidy
  • Good people in my life: my friends, my family, my doctor, my coworkers.
  • When my closest people share positive things about their lives 
  • Reading other people’s stories who go through same things as me – it is nice to know that I am not the only one
  • When my dreams come true

Maybe it feels that those are so simple things but I am a simple person and even the little things make me really happy. There are different types of happiness, things from my list belong to “momentary feelings of joy and pleasure”. It is said that these kinds of things bring happiness only for a moment which won’t last very long, but for me it is not only for one moment. For example, a few months ago I gave a lift to an old man who had heavy bags and was walking with a cane. I still remember this when I drive past that place and it makes me happy again. 

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